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Essentially a fold over, self-adhesive mail piece, the pressure seal letter is not only a staple in most vertical markets, but it’s one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to get the message across to your target audience.  Generally an 8 ½ x 11 inch form, it can be ordered in a variety of styles, folds and sizes. 


If time is of the essence and your message is brief and to the point, then the quickest way to your target audience is by way of a First Class Postcard.  At RMC Direct Mail, we have the ability to produce postcards in a wide variety of styles. 


In today's economy all business owners are looking to cut corners.  Postage can be costly, which is why we offer the alternative of Drop Shipping your mail.  This will not only reduce your postage cost substantially, but your delivery time, as well!


If you've ever done a mailing before, then you're familiar with the most commonly asked question, "Where's my mail?"  With Electronic Mail Tracking, you'll be able to track your mail in a similar fashion to tracking a package with UPS or Fed-Ex.  From start to finish, you'll know when your mail was sent and where it is in the USPS system.  This gives you the peace of mind to visually track your investment.


Enhance your response rate by adding a QR Code to your mail piece.  With a smart phone, any prospective customer can instantly have any information that you're trying to convey. i.e. Product Details, Contact Details, Offer Details, Event Details, Competition Details, Coupons, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace IDs, A link to your YouTube video, etc...


Inserting is an integral part of our operation.  We have the latest Phillipsburg/Bell & Howell equipment.  Whether you require 1 or 6 pieces inserted, we can easily meet your needs.  Our attention to detail and quality control guarantees your job is inserted in the proper order you specify.  We offer machine inserting into any size of envelope from Monarch to 9 x 12.  If you require Metering or Live Stamps in lieu of Permit Imprint, it is done in-line with inserting


Quality Ink-Jet Personalization is an integral part of our business.  We offer the latest technology in Ink-Jet processing, including perfected barcoding and letter quality addressing, along with spot color added for effectiveness.  Processing speeds of up to 25,000 pieces per hour guarantee competitive pricing.  Since the inception of barcode requirements, we have never had a reject by the USPS.  Application of TABS to self mailers is done inline with the Ink-Jet process